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March Announcement

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March Announcement

Postby RangerrGodd » Fri Apr 03, 2015 2:40 am

We kicked off spring with many new recruits and a few well-deserved promotions! MFJOHNES, Gunslinger, Lord Scrope, OGchronic, Chuo, Winyder, MCWizard, Athek, Zhule, Badferret, and Saurav have joined us and become full Zealots. Congratulations go to them, and our new Veteran Zealots Alpha Bootis, Odin, Wolf, and Timmay, as well as our new Mist Zealots Cyclonis, Lord Shadowblades, Eldenbri, and Paladin!

April Elections
The April Nominations have started in the Guild Votes section: nominate any Veteran, Mist, or High Zealot that you would like to see as a High Zealot. The nominations will continue until April 5th, then we will begin the voting. Voting will be open for a week and you will be able to vote for up to 14 people; all members of any rank are able to vote! Those voted in will be serving as High Zealots for the next 3 months.

March Lotto
The March lottery raised a whopping 789g: congratulations to December for winning the first place prize of 623g, Ike for the second place prize of 78g, Curo for the third place prize of 10g (plus a Shadow Violet Dye!), and finally our bonus 1200 gem card winner Kimreymobile! All those who bought 10 tickets for March have been given a ticket for the massive year-end lotto, so be sure to do the same for April!

Forum/Website Updates
The new website and forums are live and now the default for everyone! While you enjoy the new theme and its changes, keep an eye out for any bugs or features you would like to see. There are still a few things we have yet to add (like the gallery on the home page), but if notice any issues or have any suggestions please let us know on the forums!

March Accomplishments
Some Zealots have made important landmarks in their Guild Wars 2 career this month and deserve a special shout-out:

Niaiserie - 15k
Gunnar Lundgren - 15k
Garmannis - 10k
Dorn - Dungeon Master Title
Denn - Dungeon Master Title
Niaiserie - Dungeoneer Collection / Title
Lord Jeff - Fully completed EotM category

Whiteshadow - First World Map Completion
Trompement - First World Map Completion
Kandirma - First World Map Completion
Gwynevere - First World Map Completion

World vs World:
Duncan Idaho - WvW Gold Rank
Belorn - 1500 WvW Rank
Lahmia - 1000 WvW Rank

Player vs Player:
Black Ham Rising - Dragon Rank (80)
Aome Chan - Dragon Rank (80)
Dinks - Shark Rank (60)
Nia - Wolf Rank (30)

Officers do their best to try and look for members hitting a milestone, but if we happen to miss your accomplishment please let us know! Next month, to be sure you make the announcement, please PM officers just in case we miss it.
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