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15th Anniversary ZoS Day Recap

On October 13, 2018 we held our annual ZoS day, this year was a special year as it marked the 15th anniversary of our guild. We planned a day full of fun an celebration, the schedule of activities was:
7:00am PST (2:00pm server): Meta Event
8:00am PST (3:00pm server): GW1 - Fresh Start
10:00am PST (5:00pm server): Silverwaste Saturday
12:00pm PST (7:00pm server): Guildhall Treasure Hunt
12:30pm PST (7:30pm server): Mount Race
1:00pm PST (8:00pm server): Asura Ball
2:00pm PST (9:00pm server): Musical Chairs
4:00pm PST (9:00pm server): Secrets of Tyria
5:00pm PST (12:00am server): Jumping Puzzle Race
6:00pm PST (1:00am server): Shatterer/Kobolds ate my baby
7:00pm PST (2:00am server): Cards Against Tyria

We had an excellent day full of fun and laughs. Many different members lead several different events throughout the day. We had a great turn out and a great time. During the events we gave away prizes of black lion claim skins … [More in forum]

Diabolic Sheep - 2018-10-14 03:30 UTC

June 2018 Announcements

Guild Council has been moved to the first Sunday of each month! Be sure to join us in TS as we go over announcements, news and lotto drawing!

Welcome to our newest members who just joined ZoS in June:

April 2018 Lottery
The FIRST ticket to be drawn is 18, congratulations Yoss, winner of 172g.
The SECOND ticket to be drawn is 149, congratulations Pax, winner of 86g.
The THIRD ticket to be drawn is 166, congratulations Spes, winner of 29g.
The BONUS ticket to be drawn is 24, congratulations Pontifico, winner of 50 ecto

30K AP - Sky
Max Level Scribe - Kiri

First Boss Kills in a Raid:
First Escort - qontroL
Cairn - Wolf, qontroL, perseides
MO - Wolf, perseides
Samarog - qontroL, perseides

Episode 3 Is out, Enjoy the new content! With the new story episode, the spoiler warning strike rule is in effect … [More in forum]

Diabolic Sheep - 2018-07-04 19:35 UTC


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