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[ZoS] Application - <Garm Greyfang>

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[ZoS] Application - <Garm Greyfang>

Postby GarmGreyfang » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:38 pm

Account name (with #'s): Kaijoo.4539
In-game name and level: Garm Greyfang, Level 80
Timezone and usual play-times: EST, sporadically between 10 AM and 11 PM
Your age: 23

How long have you been playing the game (hours)?: 96 hours, but I'm returning after a long time away using a new account. Not sure how much time I logged on my old one.
Play-style(s) (PvP, PvE, WvW, etc.): PvE and WvW
PvP Experience (rank, accomplishments, etc.): little to none
Professions played in PvP: probably stick to Warrior, it's what i know best
PvE Experience (accomplishments, dungeons, Fractals, raids, world meta events etc.): lots of events, tons of bounties, big fan of questing/story. I'm to get into dungeons and raids, since I was a big fan of high tier PvE content in WoW.
Professions played in PvE: Warrior, Ranger, Engineer
WvW Experience (rank, play-style, commanding, etc.): a little - low rank, but looking to play a lot more. I like roaming in groups and objective capture.
Professions played in WvW: Warrior, Ranger, Engineer

What is your home server?: Northern Shiverpeaks
Previous guild(s): never really had one
Reason for leaving previous guild: NA
Why you want to join [ZoS]?: I'm looking for a good, active community of people to play with and experience more of what the game has to offer.
Have you fully read the application post?: yes
Do you have TeamSpeak 3 and a working microphone?: yes to the latter, and I can get the former no problem.
Have you read and do you agree with our rules?: yes
A little about yourself: I love drinking middle shelf whisky while watching Ghost Adventures, playing dungeons and dragons, and one-eyed cats with respiratory problems (I have one named Westley). I've been a huge fan of Guild Wars since the first game, and played GW2 in beta and vanilla (but have since lost my old account to the aether). I'm returning after four or so years away, and am very excited by the prospect of getting involved in a guild community.
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Re: [ZoS] Application - <Garm Greyfang>

Postby Skorn Misery » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:50 pm

Approved, install Discord, use link: https://discordapp.com/invite/V5psRtu

Seek out an officer in game for an interview.

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