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Changes to Mission Permissions

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Changes to Mission Permissions

Postby Evanne » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:50 pm

For all of you lovely zealots who enjoy attending and/or leading guild missions, we have some exciting news! As of this week (August 27, 2017), all guildies who are rank Veteran Zealot or Mist Zealot can activate guild missions! Hooray!

Before this change, these permissions were exclusive to officers. This was beginning to cause problems, as officers are not "technically" required to attend missions, and yet at least one always had to be there for buttons to be pressed. This often lead to a last-minute scramble for an officer to help. Since missions do not cost the guild anything, there is really no reason not to allow vets and mists to have these permissions as well. Now, as long as at least one vet/mist or higher is attending missions, there should be no issues with them being activated.

If you've ever considered taking more of a leadership role in guild missions, but you felt like you were unable to for lack of permissions, then now is your chance! It's always great to see guildies step up and take on leading events. We already have many amazing vets and mists who have helped lead missions a lot, and now they no longer need an officer to facilitate them doing it. As everyone starts to make use of these new permissions, please just keep in mind some general etiquette. Abuse of mission permissions could lead to strikes and demotions, so just use good judgement. Be clear about who is in charge of starting missions so that no one steps on toes, and always read carefully and be aware of the situation before you start or stop missions. A little care goes a long way, and we are confident there will be no issues.

Happy missions, everyone! :D
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Re: Changes to Mission Permissions

Postby Skorn Misery » Thu Aug 31, 2017 5:51 pm

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