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June Announcement

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June Announcement

Postby RangerrGodd » Fri Jul 03, 2015 12:48 am

We would like to welcome Coppersink, monngo, skulldrip, specs, Tyler smith, vexia, Xax, Nariborn, and kaaseboer to the Zealot rank. We would also like to congratulate Pontifico on his Veteran Zealot promotion.

Some Zealots have made important landmarks in their Guild Wars 2 career this month and deserve a special shout-out:

Sky - 10k
Wrathmaw - 10k
Evil Archer Angel - 15k
Muninn - 20k

Gwen Zu Heltzer - Frostfang
Tim - Dungeoneer
Mira - Dungeon Master

Player vs Player:
Tim - rank 50 (Bear)

ZoS Day
ZoS Day was held on Saturday June 27th. We are coming up on 12 years as a guild, dating back to October 2003, so we decided on celebrating the history of the guild with a day full of events and prizes. It was a lot of fun and had a great turn out. It’s an event we plan on making an annual thing. Here is a recap of the day’s action.

The day started off with our Silverwastes event, led by Sky. We had commanders stationed at each of the 4 forts and dedicated teams to escort the pack bulls. Starting from a 0% complete map we ended up at the Breach within 30 minutes. After killing all 5 bosses in time, we headed north and killed the Vinewrath without a lane failure. Since we made such good time, Sky led the map into the maze to open the Greater Nightmare Chest and then ran a small bandit chest farm afterwards. We gave away a Mini Pact Airship as it fit the theme of the area, which Kor won!

After Silverwastes, Eno led the guild over to The Black Citadel for her Eno’s Race Extravaganza event. She had the guild run a bit of an obstacle course/relay race involving jumping, running, skipping, laughing, death, and fun! Everyone split up into teams of 2, 1st place was 80 Gold won by the team of Timmay and Komara. 2nd place was the team of Sitri Corday and Leonin Abunis who ended up winning 40 Gold, and 3rd place was the team of Afro Joe and Kor, who took home 20 gold.

Next up was our normal Saturday Completion Zerg, but this time with trivia based on the Guild Wars world. Dinks led the zerg in running through Iron Marches getting all the POIs, waypoints, hero challenges, and uncovering all the hearts. As they were running through the zone, trivia questions (provided by Dinks, Muninn, and Nia) were asked with 2 winners awarded mini’s based on Guild Wars lore. 1st place was Yossarian, who won a Mini King Adelbern and 2nd place was Brandon who won a Mini Black Moa.

Our 4th event of the day was Hide and Seek, which was organized by Sky. She was also the first hider of the event, stationed somewhere in Queensdale while Pug helped at the starting point. Afro Joe was the first to spot Sky, winning 5 Black Lion Keys in the process. The seekers headed over to Bloodtide Coast to meet up with Muninn at the starting point and tried to find Izu hiding. This time Infernoxxs won 5 Black Lion Keys. Our last hider was Luna in The Grove. Ike was our eventual winner, another 5 Black Lion Keys. Thanks to a donation from Fate and Sky, we ended up having a 4th area, where Brandon and Sitri Corday tied in finding Luna in Queensdale , each winning 15 Gold.

Next on the agenda was Ness’s world famous jumping puzzle race, the Jumbo Jovial Jumping Juncture of Justified Jubilations, or JJJJoJJ for short! Red led the event, with Dinks, Godd, Muninn, Pug, Elder, and Eno refereeing the puzzles. Competitors had to traverse 7 different jumping puzzles (without the use of any short cuts) in the allowed time in order to win the race. The first puzzle started out easy enough with Demongrub Pits, followed by Wall Breach Blitz, Collapsed Observatory, Craze’s Folly, Tribulation Rift Scaffolds, Antre of Adjurnement, and ended with Griffinrook Run. There were lots of falls, frustrations and some deaths as Vivian Wiggins took home the 1st place prize of The Crossing. 2nd place was had by Nia, who won Firebringer. Crossing the finish line 3rd was Tor, who was awarded Lord Taeres’s Shadow for their trouble. Others who finished in the allowed time took home 20 Ectos each, Afro Joe, GTReaper, and Mira.

We took a break from the action events to hold our monthly Guild lotto. We increased the amount of tickets members could buy this month to 20 with an incentive to buy at least 10 in order to get a free ticket into the bonus lotto. We ended up selling 1477 tickets, with 1st place getting 60%, 2nd 15%, 3rd 10%, 4th 5%, and 5th 20G. Black held the drawing live on Twitch so everyone could see the numbers being drawn at the same time. We ended up bumping the payouts to the nearest 50 gold, rounded up. So 1st place ended up winning 900G (up from 874), which was Mira Tomaru. Ginny won 2nd place of 250G (up from 218), Wone Wanger 3rd place of 150G (up from 145), Lagartha 4th place of 100G (up from 72) and 5th place of 20G was Yossarian. The bonus lotto ended up with 147 tickets. Eno won 1st place, a 1200 Gem Card. Also winning a 1200 Gem Card was Ana Maiya for 2nd place. 3rd place winner was Sky, who won a Copper Salvage o’Matic. 4th place of 5 Black Lion Keys went to Sir Molson, and 5th place of 25 Unidentified Dyes went to Diaz.

Up next was our normal Saturday missions, with a slight twist. We met up at Frosty’s (our guild leader) grave in Fields of Ruin to form up and pay homage. Black led the missions with help from Red and Muninn. We had Eno activate all of them this week, and she provided us with possibly the worst T2 bounty roll ever! Shaman Arderus and his flamethrower with a 5000 range, Half-Baked Komali and his bugged fire shield, and Big Mayana. After Arderus and Mayana were killed, the whole guild converged on Half-Baked to zerg him down. We paid out bounty hunter rewards this week to the person finding each bounty, the winners of 10G each were Elder, Eno, and Dinks. We moved on to rush (Chicken run) where all the officers defended while everyone raced to finish. 1st place finisher was Theta who won a Mini Undead Chicken, 2nd place was Odin who won a Mini River Drake Broodmother, and 3rd place was Softail who won a Mini Wind Rider. Up next was the Langmar Estate puzzle where we joined another guild and breezed right through it in 5 minutes. We ended with the Blightwater challenge where we took out all 5 crystals.

We then moved on to WvW for a Golem rush. Izu spent time organizing and building up the golem force for an attempted rush through the Eternal Battlegrounds. We ended up with over 30 golems ranging from Alpha’s, Omega’s, and Guild. We got our Mesmer’s in place and headed out to take Stonemist Castle. Things started off well, we took Stonemist with ease and then tried our hand at taking the Green Keep. We got a bit out in front and ended up losing some of our golem force to a giant zerg. We quickly regrouped with the golems we didn’t lose and headed back out to try and take some more objectives. We ended up ta king back our keep, then went towards Red Keep, taking Pangloss Mines and Veloka on the way. Towards the end of the rush we gave out a Mini Hazmat Suit, which was won by Paladin!

Our last official event for the day was a fun game of Cards Against Humanity. Elder set up the event and we ended up with enough people for 2 different games. The event was meant to end the day on a very light note, and judging by all the laughter it seems like it accomplished just that. A great way to end ZoS Day!

Thank you to all that made it such an enjoyable day!! Be on the lookout for another day full of events towards the end of the year!

High Zealot Elections
The time has come once again to vote for High Zealots for the next three months! Nominations have begun in our guild votes section and will run until Sunday, which the voting period will begin. Anyone is welcome to nominate any Veteran, Mist, or High Zealot they would like to see as a High Zealot for the next three months.
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