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application to Zos

Postby Brelinda » Sat Apr 04, 2020 11:38 pm

Subject: [ZoS] Application - Bre (Anzhelyk)
Account name (with #'s):Bre.6582
In-game name and level: Anzhelyk,80
Timezone and usual play-times: EST most evenings and weekends, right now... anytime really,lol
Your age:54

How long have you been playing the game (hours)?: (you can use the command /age in game if you are not certain, doesn't need to be precise) 865 hrs
Play-style(s) (PvP, PvE, WvW, etc.): pve ,I have done a bit of wvw and minor pvp
PvP Experience (rank, accomplishments, etc.):middle of the road. I am still getting used to some of the GW2 things
Professions played in PvP: dps
PvE Experience (accomplishments, dungeons, Fractals, raids, world meta events etc.):dungeons : yes, I have done some. Fractals: I have done very little. I have not
done any raids yet. I have done Strike Missions ( I like those), World meta events, I
have done alot
Professions played in PvE: Ranger, Necro, Revenant
WvW Experience (rank, play-style, commanding, etc.):Rank 18 .,Recruit, Ranged,
Professions played in WvW: Ranger

What is your home server?: Northern Shiverpeaks
Previous guild(s):VIP
Reason for leaving previous guild: N/a
Why you want to join [ZoS]?: Because my friends are there, I do like the strike missions I was invited to . and you guys seem fun
Have you fully read the application post?: yes
Do you have TeamSpeak 3 and a working microphone?: yes. and Discord and Vent :)
Have you read and do you agree with our rules?: yes
A little about yourself: I am coming from 12 yrs of Wow. In Wow I played a Hunter and was in a Heroic Raiding guild as an officer. My (IRL) friends Kenshin and Calm are in the guild already, so would be fun. I stopped playing Wow about 1 yr ago and have liking GW2 . I am very mellow but I do enjoy the more challenging aspects of the game that I am starting to see and get into.
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