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The Amazagical Lost Heretic Application

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The Amazagical Lost Heretic Application

Postby Lost Heretic » Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:56 am

Acct name: lostheretic.9132
In-game name and level: Lost Heretic - Level 80 Necromancer
Age: 25 wait no I'm dirty 30 now omfg
Timezone and times usually on: EST, 6 - 10 PM
Style (PvP, PvE, WvW Etc.): PvE, WvW
PvP Experience (rank, accomplishments, etc.): WvW Silver Something
Professions played in PvP: Necromancer
PvE Experience (accomplishments, dungeons, etc.): Ascalon Catacombs, Citadel of Flame
Professions played in PvE: Necromancer (80), Thief (80), Guardian (80), Warrior (80), Engineer (30), some other garbage
Crafts and their levels: Tailor, Jeweler, Chef, Leatherworker, Armorer, Weaponsmith all around 400 rip.
Previous Guilds:
Reason for leaving previous guild: N/A
Why you want to join [ZoS]?: Juu keeps bugging me to join. And now I'm annoying Luna
How long have you been playing the game (hours)?: TOO MANY hours (Woah!)
Do you have TeamSpeak 3 and a working microphone?: Yep.
Have you read and do you agree with our rules?: Yes.
A little about yourself: I'm a dude who really likes games - I'm a PAX enforcer and do a roleplaying podcast called Darker Days Radio. I also really like to play badminton.
Lost Heretic
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Re: The Amazagical Lost Heretic Application

Postby Luna Moth » Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:58 am

Welcome back, contact an officer, oh wait you did, invited.
Luna Moth
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