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January 2018 Announcements

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January 2018 Announcements

Postby Wolf » Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:20 am

Welcome to our newest members who joined ZoS in January: Beelady!

10k AP: Shadowbane
15k AP: Shinjin; Gwen

Legendary Trinket Aurora: Rhaz
Wing 5 Challenge Modes: Sharkey
Voice in the Void (Hall of Chains): Sharkey
Legendary Armor: Pug

First Boss Kills in a Raid
Samarog: Specs
Cairn: Specs; Doc; Beelady
Mursaat Overseer: Specs; Doc; Beelady
Sabetha: Mist
Deimos: Yona; Erebus; Sheep; Pug; Mist
Zera: Erebus; Evanne; Yona; Pug; Mist; Sheep

World vs. World
Gold (1395): Necron

The Lunar New Year festival should be arriving soon so get ready to celebrate the year of the dog!

Officers do their best to try and look for members hitting a milestone, but if we happen to miss your accomplishment please let us know! Next month, to be sure you make the announcement, please PM officers just in case we miss it.
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