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March Announcements

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March Announcements

Postby Sky » Sun Apr 03, 2016 4:34 pm

Welcome to our newest members: Nachtmar, Hetario, and Pax Deo. We would also like to recognize an outstanding Zealot who was promoted to Veteran this past month: Skorn.

The FIRST ticket to be drawn is 255, congratulations Pontifico, winner of 163g.
The SECOND ticket to be drawn is 44, congratulations Tromp Stomp, winner of 98g.
The THIRD ticket to be drawn is 186, congratulations Gldentoe, winner of 33g.
The BONUS ticket to be drawn is 23, congratulations Mira Tomaru, winner of 100 Ecto.
Congratulations to the winners!

April Lottery has begun, you can send your gold to Gldentoe (Goldentoe.3876) in game and he will provide you with your ticket number(s). Please make sure to include your account name in the mail as well, for easier keeping. We'll be pulling the winning numbers on the last day of the month using random.org, you do not have to be present to win.

Elder - 15k AP
Golden - 15k AP
FooRoy - 20k AP

Guild Hall hits max rank 64
Bhryaen first 100% map completion
Elder completed The Ascension (legendary back item earned through PvP)
Erebus crafted his first Legendary - Twilight
Spinach Storm got title Eternal
Tromp completed Ascended Accoutrement

First Boss Kills in a Raid:
Vale Guardian - Drann Falson (Hitlit), Sitri, Gwen Zu Heltzer
Matthias - Storm, Sharkey, and Valka
Slothasor - Turtle, Tyria, Ness, Meg, Evelyn, and Sharkey
Bandit Trio Salvation Pass - Turtle, Tyria, Ness, Meg, Evelyn, and Sharkey

Player vs Player:
Elder - 80 (Dragon)
Sitri - 40 (Tiger)
Vakia and Elder - hit Legendary Rank in PvP Season 2

Officers do their best to try and look for members hitting a milestone, but if we happen to miss your accomplishment please let us know! Next month, to be sure you make the announcement, please PM officers just in case we miss it.
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