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November Announcement

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November Announcement

Postby RangerrGodd » Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:44 pm

This month we welcomed many new members to the guild, and saw many of these new members become full-fledged Zealots! We welcome Seraphynne, RagnerBlackmane, SlayerOfHeaven, evildoughboy, HCYJ, Blk Man, dreamwalker, Dafy Ramey, razorsedge, Kashijikito, Malkavia, Casisto., Perseides, Ravear, and chuo to the [ZoS] community and are looking forward to playing with all of them in the future!

The FIRST ticket to be drawn is 213, congratulations Infernoxx, winner of 308.7g.
The SECOND ticket to be drawn is 160, congratulations Felix Heavyfire, winner of 88.2g.
The THIRD ticket to be drawn is 344, congratulations Bason, winner of 10g.
The BONUS ticket to be drawn is 34, congratulations Blindfolded Brando, winner of 100 ecto.
The remaining 44.1g has been deposited into the guild bank.

The December Lottery is now open for members to purchase tickets. Tickets are 1g each with a maximum of 10. By purchasing the maximum amount of tickets, you get 1 ticket in a bonus lottery. There will be an adjustment to the December Lottery Prizes. The prizes are: 1st: 70%, 2nd: 20%, 3rd: 10g, 4th: 1600 gem card. Similarly to the November Lottery, you can earn additional tickets by donating items to our guild hall. Please visit the Monthly Lottery thread for more details.

Secret Santa
Take part in ZoS's first Secret Santa! To sign up visit this thread, and reply to thread. You will be assigned a number based on the order in which you replied. Signups will close on December 17th where the Santas will be randomized and you will receive a mail in game with whom you will be sending a gift. We do ask that all gifts be sent out prior to December 26th and that gifts fit in 1 mail. Items should either be no more than 800 gems or between 5g-50g.

The first raid wing is here! Organizing a 10 man instance is difficult but to try and make it a little easier, check out our Raid Announcement thread. In the thread, you will find a spreadsheet and form detailing Acccount Name, Raid Role, and Weekly Availability. Additionally, keep an eye on our forums for groups being formed regularly. You can also find a brief writeup about the Vale Guardian to learn about the fight prior to entering. Good luck raiders!

Lemi - 25k AP
Gladiator - 25k AP
Ness - 20k AP
Kor - 15k AP
Dru - 5k AP

Serrin - First Legendary - Bifrost
Sheep - Ascended Accoutrement
Tyria - Max Mastery - 161
Turtle - Max Mastery - 161
Sitri - First Tyria Map Completion
Tranese - Dungeon Master
Sitri - First Legendary - Meteorologicus
Chuo - Dungeon Master

Cleared Vale Guardian in a Raid:
Col Sanders

Player vs Player:
Small - Rank 40 - Tiger
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