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October Announcement

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October Announcement

Postby RangerrGodd » Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:56 pm

Congratulations to our newest Zealots, Zatoh, Calm, Yippie Ki Ay, JTucson, BulletStopper, Tyro Neophyte, Lisa, Perkysaurus, Ayumi Yamashita, JRBizzy, MadRasputin, Ackhmed Moose, RDash, NobleSpirit, Shadowbane, and Mesmeria Scarlet. Welcome to ZoS!

The FIRST ticket to be drawn is 330, congratulations Wolfgr Battlehammer, winner of 441g.
The SECOND ticket to be drawn is 520, congratulations Grub Clad, winner of 126g.
The THIRD ticket to be drawn is 488, congratulations Infernal Thief, winner of 10g.
The BONUS ticket to be drawn is 20, congratulations Shield Of The Lion, winner of 100 ecto.

The November Lottery has started but will have some new ways to acquire tickets. For all the information, please read the Monthly Lottery thread.

Guild Hall Capture
Congratulations Zealots, we have captured our guild hall! We had an attendance of over 70 for the capture event and succeeded in capturing Guilded Hollow, which was the winner in our guild poll. We now need help in upgrading our guild hall. You can help through donating on your own at the NPC in the guild hall or by sending materials to officers. At the moment we are level 17 but we have a long way to go!

Event Changes
Starting at the release of Heart of Thorns, the WvW reset time has moved 24 hours ahead. The previous time was 5:30pm PST on Friday, and the new time is 5:30pm PST on Saturday. As such we are making some adjustments to our Friday WvW reset and Saturday guild missions events. The new schedule is listed below. We hope this is not too much of an inconvenience for those that regularly attend guild missions.
    Guild Missions at 6:30pm PST (1:30am Server) on Friday
    WvW Reset at 5:30pm PST (12:30am Server) on Saturday

TeamSpeak Changes
With the raids coming soon^TM, we thought it was time to implement some "Do Not Disturb" channels in TeamSpeak. We have added 2 channels in both the raiding section and the dungeon section named "Group 3 (Do Not Disturb)" and "Group 4 (Do Not Disturb)". The expected etiquette with these channels is that people do not enter them unless they are a part of the group running in that channel or have been asked to join that channel. We hope members can follow this etiquette and allow those raiding or fractaling to stay focused with minimal interruptions.

JRBizzy - 5k
Sitri - 5k
Serkwen - 10k
Komara Aegissage - 10k
Vee - 10k
Leonin Abunins - 15k
Pierre - 30k

Evanne - Fractal Reward Level 50
Sheep - Fractal Reward Level 50
Fate - Fractal Reward Level 50
Elder - Fractal Reward Level 50
Kor - Dungeon Master
Gen - Dungeon Master
Razoredge - First 80

World vs World:
Elder - Gold Rank

Player vs Player:
Rhaz - Tiger (40)
Artémís Entreri - Tiger (40)
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