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July Announcement

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July Announcement

Postby RangerrGodd » Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:42 pm

We would like to recognize those that made it through our 4 week, extensive, rigorous initiate phase. After the blood, sweat, and tears, we congratulate Artemis_Entreri, Aizlluna, and Jace Vess on surviving and being promoted to Zealot! We also would like to recognize the outstanding Zealots for their involvement with the guild, congratulations Lordanius, Choi, Small on your Veteran Zealot rank!

During this past month our quarterly High Zealot elections have taken place. We had a 1 week nomination period followed by a 1 week voting period. Those that have accepted their nomination and were voted in will be serving as a High Zealot to the guild for the next 3 months. Thank you for accepting your role as a High Zealot Eno Trohs, gladiator, Juu, LunaBlack.4280, Garmannis, Izu Satomi, Sky Rynkiana, Vivian Wiggins, Atomic Sheep, and Archangel Dorn.

July Lotto
Another month, another lotto. For the month of July, we have collected a total of 537g. First prize, Lisara receives 421.6g. Second prize, rjthebarbarian collects 52.7g. Third prize, Ike Witt gets their 10g back. This month we had a bonus for purchasing the maximum of 10 tickets, the winner of 100 ectos, GTReaper. We also had an additional bonus prize for anyone that included their account name in the mail they bought their lottery tickets with, the winner of this prize, Mordlive wins 100 ectos and a thank you, for including their account name.

Please note, for the next month there are a few changes to the lottery. Lottery tickets are still 1g per ticket with a maximum of 10 tickets per person. Mail can be sent to Guardiann Godd or Archangel Dorn. Remember to please include your account name!

Fate - 10k
Small n Mighty - 15k
Yolaus Kriff - 10k
Aizlluna - 1k
Wizard - 15k

Rhaz - Ascended Accoutrements
Dorn - 100 Fractals
Muff Cabbage - Dungeon Master
Timmay - Ascended Accoutrements
Timmay - Personal fractal level 50
Timmay - Ambrite Weapon Collection
Fate - Dungeon Master
Dinogamer - First 80

World vs World:
Cyclonis - Rank 1000
Kor - Rank 500
Nomah - Gold Rank
Pugmannis - Silver Rank

Player vs Player:
Gladiator - Rank 60 (Shark)
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