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May Announcement

Postby Elder » Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:54 pm

As we fly through another month of the 2015 year, we have some members to congratulate on their promotions! Ferrous Waffle, Tehrustine, Dorkfish, Heyimjimmy, Ithilraug, LaBlondeJames, LordLyberoc, Sezotoze, Whatthe, Winters Edge, Vagoo Ponos, Dru, BatDog, and Candi have joined us and become full Zealots. Congratulations go to them, and our new Veteran Zealot, Brando, as well as our new Mist Zealots, Sitri Corday and JeffJeff!

May Lotto
The May lottery raised 641.8g: congratulations to Brando for winning the first place prize of 561.1g, Plague for the second place prize of 70.2g, Brandon for the third place prize of 10g, and finally our bonus goes to Klaugh, receiving 100 Ecto, 25 Unidentified Dyes, and plenty of T6 mats! All those who bought 10 tickets for May have been given another ticket for the massive year-end lotto, so be sure to do the same for June! June's lottery will be slightly different, so look for details in the next few days!

May Accomplishments
Some Zealots have made important landmarks in their Guild Wars 2 career this month and deserve a special shout-out:

Luna - 15k
Spes - 15k
Small N Mighty - 15k
Divinities Embrace - 10k
Red Alibi - Completed Ambrite Weapon Collection
Sky - Completed Aetherpath Category
Sheep - Completed Aetherpath Category
Spinach Storm - Completed Aetherpath Category
Small N Mighty - Completed Aetherpath Category
Shinjin - Completed Triple Trouble Wurm Category

Softail - First Legendary (Kudzu)
Spes - First Legendary (Minstrel)

World vs World:
Elder - 1000 WvW Rank

Player vs Player:
Galaril - Bear Rank (50)
Sheep - Tiger Rank (40)
Sky - Tiger Rank (40)

Officers do their best to try and look for members hitting a milestone, but if we happen to miss your accomplishment please let us know! Next month, to be sure you make the announcement, please PM officers just in case we miss it.
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