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April Announcement

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April Announcement

Postby RangerrGodd » Fri May 01, 2015 8:14 pm

Congratulations to the newest additions to the Zealot rank! Welcome Kenneloth, Arya, Swae, Etaoin, Aerah, Klaugh, and Nurse as well as those alt accounts Ike on Hold and DIAZ. We also have some well-deserved promotions for our newest Veteran Zealot, Spinach Storm, and our newest Mist Zealots, Whiteshadow and Sage! April elections have closed and the votes are in! Congratulations to our returning High Zealots: Black, Sheep, Pug, Luna, Ness, Glad, Turtle, Red, Elder, Muninn, and Juu as well as our new High Zealots: Dinks, Sky, and Eno.

April Lotto
The April Lotto has finished, selling over 700 tickets! 701 to be precise. The first place winner, Luna, walks away with 552.8g. Second place, Dinks, is bringing in 69.1g. And lastly third place, Pugmannis, gets their money back of 10g. However, we did have a bonus prize this week going to Red, he won a black lion claim ticket! Since these are not tradeable, the winner had their selection of any black lion weapon currently selling for 1 ticket. This lotto has raised 69.1g for guild funds. As always, the next month's lotto has begun, send Black or Godd 1g per ticket, up to 10 tickets. Please include your account name in the mail you send, it makes things easier for us.

April Accomplishments
And now a few shout-outs for members that have reached some milestones within Guild Wars 2!

Odin - 20k
Red Alibi - 15k
Diazepam - 15k
Kenshin - 15k
Izu Satomi - 10k
Xaidyn - 10k
WhiteShadow - 5k
Spinach Storm - 5k
JamesfFreak -5k
Klaugh - 2.5k
Gladiator - Dungeoneer Title / Collection
In Deo Spes Mea - Dungeon Master
Duncan Idaho - Fully completed EotM category

Tsnaph Aelix Krin - First World Map Completion

World vs World:
Jeffolas - Platinum WvW Rank
Dorn - 500 WvW Rank

Player vs Player:
Serkwen - Phoenix Rank (70)
December Mist - Shark Rank (60)
Gladiator - Bear Rank (50)
Lahmia - Bear Rank (50)
Timmay - Tiger Rank (40)
Muninn - Tiger Rank (40)

Rule Changes
We have updated a section of rules pertaining to how strikes work. The edited and added sections are in bold below.
When a member breaks our rules, they will receive one "strike" from the Officers. The primary purpose of a strike is to demonstrate to the member in question that their actions, intentions, or general behavior go against the spirit of [ZoS]. Strikes themselves are known only to the Officers and by no means "black-list" a member: they serve only to ensure that members abide by the [ZoS] rules and should not be interpreted as a sign that Officers are "out to get you." Below are more details on how strikes work:

  • A member will receive one strike for each offense. Officers, at their discretion, may give a warning before issuing a strike.
  • Strikes remain in effect for 3 months. After 3 months have passed, the strike is removed. Should a member receive any additional strikes during this period, the new strike will add 3 more months, making the total time for strikes cumulative.
  • Should a member reaches 2 concurrent strikes, they will be demoted from their current rank to Zealot (if applicable). Any progression in ranks after this demotion will occur normally as it would with a standard Zealot member.
  • Should a member reaches 3 strikes simultaneously, they are able to be removed from the guild. It is at the Officer's discretion to do this immediately upon the 3rd strike, or put it to an Officer-wide vote.
  • If a member is removed without an Officer vote, they have the right to appeal this to the Arch Zealots. At their discretion, they can call for a vote to re-invite the removed member.
  • If an Officer vote is called and the Officers elect to give one final chance, the member will remain at 3 strikes for 3 months, and any other offenses during this time will result in an immediate removal from the guild. This removal cannot be appealed. The remaining strikes are removed at the 4 and 5 month marks.
  • Any removed member will not be permitted to re-apply for a 6 month period. After this period, they are allowed to re-apply, but note that Officers will only re-invite if the member can prove there will be no further issues.
  • New members (Initiates) will remain in a probationary period for 1 month. During this time, if a strike is issued, the member in question will be removed from the guild. This removal can be appealed, following the instructions above.

Defining Our Ranks
As officers, we want to clarify what each rank means and what the restrictions are within each rank.
Arch Zealot
The Arch Zealot rank is given to an officer trusted by the Fearless Leader, Frosty, to act as a High Zealot would but with added administrative duties. This includes monitoring High Zealots, managing and/or hosting the various ZoS resources, and keeping the peace between members. This is not a rank based on activity, but instead based on a commitment to uphold the guild rules.

High Zealot
The High Zealot rank denotes an officer of the guild. Among other things, they handle strikes, members, build queue, events, and rules. Every 3 months, members can nominate and vote on active Veteran and Mist Zealots to become High Zealots for the next term. All members, regardless of rank, vote on who holds this position in the guild.

The Developer rank is reserved for [ZoS] members who work at ArenaNet. Such members might not be active within the guild itself but still enjoy having a guild to mingle with. Developer members play the game for leisure and not for work: under no circumstances should you contact these members with concerns about Guild Wars 2. Any questions/concerns about the game should be handled through the appropriate in-game and website support.

Mist Zealot
The Mist Zealot rank is for members who are recognized for their knowledge of and experience in World vs World. They show dedication to the guild and have made significant contributions to World vs World in ZoS. Mist Zealots are nominated by current Mist Zealots or High Zealots and must be in the guild for at least 3 months before being eligible to be promoted.

Veteran Zealot
The Veteran Zealot rank is held by members who are active within the guild. Members of this rank may be active in guild chat, helpful dungeon runners, active in World vs World, attend guild missions frequently, schedule events, and more. Veteran Zealots are nominated by High Zealots and must be in the guild for at least 3 months before being eligible to be promoted.

The Zealot rank is for members that have completed their Initiate phase. Initiates are promoted to Zealot at the next Guild Meeting after their Initiate phase ends. A Zealot is eligible to be promoted to Veteran or Mist Zealot in accordance with those ranks' requirements.

The Initiate rank is for new recruits to the guild; every new member holds this rank for a period of 3 to 5 weeks, after which they are promoted to Zealot.

Awol Zealot
The Awol Zealot rank is given to a Zealot, Veteran Zealot, or Mist Zealot that has not been online for a period of at least 3 months without prior notice. If the guild reaches capacity, the oldest Awol Zealots will be removed in order to make more space for new Initiates. If an Awol Zealot does return to the game, they will be promoted to Zealot regardless of their previous rank.
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