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February Announcement

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February Announcement

Postby Nestor Hrin » Sun Mar 01, 2015 4:44 am

In February we welcomed many new members to the guild, and saw many of these new members become full-fledged Zealots! We welcome Havoc, Yolaus Kriff, ainosap, Hemogoblin, SteepledHat, IIITheRedBaronIII, Blackfox, Ditchpig, whiteshadow, Christopher Malone, Silk, EnderKid, Durathor, Lost Crisis, Sokita, dusanyu, diaz, Kye of the Sea, and kaugod to the [ZoS] community and are looking forward to playing with all of them in the future! This month we also promoted a prominent member to the rank of Mist Zealot: lead us to victory in WvW, Vakia!

February Lottery
The February lotto raised in 512g to give away to our members: congrats to Bassezass for winning the first place prize of 410g, Harbinger of Death for the second place prize of 52g, and Vivian Wiggins for the third place prize of 10g!

March will introduce the first of many bonus lotteries that will happen occasionally throughout the year. In addition to the normal monthly lotto, anyone who purchases 10 tickets in March will be given 1 ticket into this new bonus lotto. That bonus lotto itself will be drawn right after the main lotto; 1st place for the bonus lotto is a 1200 Gem card! See the Announcements section in the forums or contact Black Ham Rising for any questions.

February Accomplishments
Our Zealots are always hard at work and we have a few shout-outs to members who have made important landmarks in their Guild Wars 2 career. A special shout-out to Duncan Idaho for hitting #1 in the achievement point leader boards for North America!

Duncan Idaho - 1st in NA for Achievement Points
Dinks - Dungeoneer Collection / Title
Godd - 20k AP
Ike - 15k AP
Jareth - 10K AP
Yossarian - 10k AP

World vs World:
Turtle - WvW Rank 1000
Xaidyn - WvW Rank 1000
Evanne - WvW Silver Rank

Player vs Player:
Black - Phoenix Rank (70)
Serkwen - Shark Rank (60)
Elder - Tiger Rank (40)
Timmay - Wolf Rank (30)

Officers do their best to try and look for members hitting a milestone, but if we happen to miss your accomplishment please let us know! Next month, to be sure you make the announcement, please PM officers just in case we miss it.

Changes to Forums
Continuing the changes to the forum skin proposed last month, Elder, Dinks, and Belorn are working hard to redesign both the forums and the website. These beautiful overhauls are already underway; we would love feedback on the designs and to know if there is anything you think should be added. Check out the Website and Forums sub-forums to see these changes and get your thoughts in.

Rule Changes
There has been an update to Rule 14 regarding leaves of absence from [ZoS]:
A Zealot will be marked as AWOL upon reaching 3 months of inactivity. AWOL Zealots may be removed from the guild if space is needed for new members. Any Zealot removed in this manner can be re-invited to the guild should they return (please contact an Officer), and AWOL's that return prior to removal will be given the Zealot rank. Exceptions to this rule will be granted if Officers are given prior notice of your absence; if you experience circumstances where you are expecting to take extended leave from the guild, please inform an Officer to ensure you are not removed.
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Re: February Announcement

Postby Vakia » Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:18 pm

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