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PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:11 am
by H A A R P S K Y
Someone told me once that music is about crescendo and decrescendo, but most of all emotion.

Music is a passion of mine, I don't care what the set-up is, I just like a good groove. I'd like to get into what makes music what it is; with maybe some help from some fellows, to get down to just what makes it so soulful and satisfying with a cumulative share of music styles.

I span a broad range of genres, but my attention always seems to land on Drum and Bass, a style more known in Europe than in America. More elaborated, I'm a sucker for jazzy horns, minimalist brash percution, and a generally warm atmosphere (in terms of sound production) that can show both positive and negative character. Vocals are not always a must for me, but if one catches me, you'll know it. ;)

I'd like to start with my very favorite; Technimatic, a duo out of London, whom have recently released a new album named "Better Perspective", which is mostly geared more in my direction of DnB. ... 96899.html