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September Announcements

PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:09 am
by Wolf
Welcome to our newest members who joined ZoS in September: Velpur, maxox and Amelia Renwright!

The FIRST ticket to be drawn is 90, congratulations Sitri, winner of 192g.
The SECOND ticket to be drawn is 75, congratulations Sheep, winner of 96g.
The THIRD ticket to be drawn is 436, congratulations Sharkey, winner of 32g.
The BONUS ticket to be drawn is 42, congratulations Spes, winner of 50 ecto.

Inferno – 10K AP
Kufa - 15K AP
Sky - 25K AP
Belorn - 30k AP

Max Mastery- Mist
Legendary Backpack Ad Infinitum: Fuzz
Legendary Trinket Aurora: Brando, Specs